If you’re shopping for life insurance, you might encounter some new processes and temporary roadblocks due to COVID-19. According to an article in Forbes, if you’re new to buying life insurance, you may not realize that those who shopped a few months ago may have had a different experience.

The coronavirus pandemic, coupled with social distancing, has made common elements of life insurance underwriting—including in-person face-to-face meetings, and paramedical exams—problematic.  It is a challenge all carriers are facing.

One of the most important things to know is that life insurance companies are open for business and are taking applications. Now more than ever, life insurance is an important element of many people’s financial plans.

Life insurance companies have been making changes to respond to changing demands and problems.

  • You May Not Need a Life Insurance Medical Exam
  • You Might Get New Application Questions.
  • You might be asked if you’ve been tested or treated for COVID-19.
  • Expect Postponements for International Travelers Expect No-Contact Meetings and Policy Delivery
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